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Company Profile

 Company Profile

Established in 1987, we are the leader in Taiwan’ s IT industry and the regional IT software and SaaS cloud service provider. The basis of our innovation and development are: providing long term commitment towards customers’ use case study, sophisticated software engineering, advanced collaboration, use of advanced mobile, IT and cloud technologies. Our innovative applications and tailored solutions has won the heart of over 2000 financial service firms, government organizations, hospitals, telecommunication providers and customers from other industries as well as over 10,000 individual cloud application users. 

User's testimony

Shinkong Insurance Co., Ltd.
General Manager: Zhan Jun Yu


The easy access of information is the most important aspect of “Organization Memory Management”. The tendency just having a massive amount of information available but having no clue of where to look can now be easily solved by efficient and effective “search” systems. Furthermore, through the newly-implemented Customer Relationship Management modules, our colleagues can now easily keep track of all existing client information. At the same time, the Customer Relationship Management modules can also serve as important supporting tools during the development phases of our new accounts.


The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd.
Financial Department

The launch of the e-Loan system immediately brought some major benefits for us. From the perspective of service undertakers, the most desirable benefit is the significant decrease in loan process time. Now the process of getting desired information has become much more efficient through the automation of correlation-data search. Now the constantly updated information can be retrieved within a few clicks regardless of whether  we need to search for JCIC data, core banking system’s withdrawal and deposit data, risk management information, etc. Consequently, our customer satisfaction has tremendously improved. 

Taipei Fubon Bank
Consumer Finance Department

With the help of “e-Loan for consumer bank”, all loan cases become as if they have been laid out in the open. The major benefits and features such as easy access of case status, shortening of loan process time, significant decrease in labor expenses and loan process efficiency improvement are easily observed. Furthermore, appropriate staffing adjustments can easily be made by the e-Loan operation . As all loan-related data are input into the system, our colleagues are able to access the desired information for further analysis to assist in our loan product promotions. At the same time the “e-Loan for consumer bank” imperceptibly increases our product competitiveness in the bank loan market.

World Vision Taiwan
Director: Hank Du

It is a very important and fundamental issue for all organizations today to have an effective human resource information system which can take all aspects including HR management methods, HR managerial leadership, and organization development into consideration.

Ministry of Examination
Minister: Chia-Cheng Lin

The Knowledge Management Platform is a huge advantage for us to easily locate and exchange desired work-related information or specific work-required knowledge. The accumulated and well-organized knowledge documents in the virtual communities allow us to create a rich knowledge information database effectively and provide our colleagues with easy access to the desired information. The creation of ever-growing knowledge information through encouragement and innovation consequently benefits the constructive influence from all perspectives in the organization. 

Taipei City Government
Information Management Center

The Window Services Management System that we are having at Taipei City Government completely integrates the Office Document Management and the Knowledge Management System for us. Not only does it tremendously boost our work efficiency,but it also achieves the mission of having a mobile office for the Taipei City Government. 

Tainan County Government
Information Management Center

The implemented Office Document Management System that we here at Tainan County Government has dramatically sped up our archive transmissions. Not only does it successfully promote and increase our administrative work efficiency but it also provides us with an easy access to all desired information.


  • Earned the “Taiwan Annual Outstanding Business Application Award” (by Taiwan IT-related magazine editors) in 2000.
  • Earned the “Taiwan Industrial Technology Advancement Award” (by Taiwan Ministry Of Economic Affairs) in 2002 and 2005 respectively.

Systematic Structure Development

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